Effective Use of Twitter in Digital Marketing in 2019

Twitter is an essential social networking site. People can interact with each other on Twitter by sharing short messages that are known as Tweets. One can post his message in the form of Tweet to all the users who are following him/her. This social networking site is publically available for all the users in multilingual. Twitter has 321 million active users. That’s why Twitter has become one of the most effective means of communication for its users.

Effective Use of Twitter in Digital Marketing in 2019

 Some effective uses of Twitter in digital marketing in 2019 are explained below;

1) Use Twitter to Get More Done

You can easily post Tweet for your followers either by using the website of Twitter or by using the Twitter app but for the marketing point of view, you will have to use its some tools. Some essential tools that are necessary for the marketing of your products and services are explained below;
  • You can generate leads to increase the engagement of your brands. These leads will also provide an idea to your followers why they are sharing your content.
  • With the help of industry influencer tool, it is easy for you to find and connect with the industry influencers.
  • By using the Twitter tools, it is easy for you to analyze your competitors by getting detailed information about their Tweets and Hashtags etc.
  • By using its trending tools, it is easy for digital marketers to get an idea about the trending topics.
  • In order to provide more value to your information in the Twitter Feed, you can also remove all the followers who are inactive and spammy.
  • You should also try to share your posts at that time when your posts will get maximum impact from the followers.

2) Build a Great Twitter Profile

In order to build trust with the audience members, it is necessary for you to create a great Twitter profile. This great Twitter profile will also improve the search results of your products and it will also provide a real-time channel to the audience members to connect with you. Some essential tips to build a great Twitter profile are given below;

A) Write a Great Bio

Twitter provides you with an opportunity to write a bio of your company up to 160 characters. In this bio, you can also use hashtags and useful links. A great bio of your Twitter account will become a cause of maximizing your followers.

B) Optimize Your Profile

One can easily optimize his/her Twitter account just by writing his/her name, by handling his/her Twitter account and by sharing a short description of the business. You should also share the physical location of your company. This physical location of the company will be helpful for the people to find out all the Twitter profiles of your company. After getting an idea about the physical location of your company, your followers will also try to show more engagement in your products and services.

C) Get Verified

As we know that there are some verified accounts on Twitter. You should also try to verify your Twitter account. This verified account will increase the trust of your followers and your followers will think that you are sharing some valuable content for them.

3) Build your Twitter followers

If you are sharing interesting and engaging posts for your Twitter followers, you should try to increase the number of Twitter followers. For this reason, you can get help from an interesting tool named Social Quant. Social Quant will analyze the data and provide you with an idea about the best users who are interested in your products and services. There are also some trending keywords on Twitter. By sharing content about these trending keywords, you can also increase Twitter followers.

4) Use the Right Hashtags

There are some people who try to use more than three hashtags in one Tweet. It is a bad idea because lots of hashtags will decrease the engagement of your followers. On the other hand, if you are using 1 to 2 hashtags in one Tweet, you can easily increase the engagement of your followers up to 21%. On the other hand, if you are not using any hashtag in your Tweets, you are also missing an opportunity for maximum engagement from your followers. Its reason is that the proper use of hashtags is the best way to increase the visibility of your Tweets not only before your followers but also before other people. Now, the problem is that most of the people don’t know what the best hashtags are for their Tweets. The best tool to identify the right hashtags for your Tweets is Ritetag. You just need to enter the keyword of your Tweet on this tool and this will show you a list of the possible hashtags that you can use in your Tweet.

5) Research your competitor’s audiences 

To trace the activities of your competitors is also an essential digital marketing strategy on Twitter. Its reason is that this is the best way to get answers to the following questions;
  • How your competitors are promoting their products and services?
  • How your competitors are engaging with their followers?

C) How to connect with new people?

Now, the problem is that most of the marketers don’t know how to trace the information of their competitors. For this reason, they can get help from an essential tool named Twitonomy. You just need to enter the username of your competitor on this tool and it will provide you with the possible information about your competitor. This tool will also provide you with enough idea about all the hashtags that you are missing. By using these hashtags in your Tweets, you can also engage more and more people.


Twitter has become one of the most essential social media sites because it has almost 321 million active users. Twitter has also become an effective way of digital marketing for businessmen. The businessmen can easily promote their products and services on the Twitter by building a great profile on the Twitter, by increasing the followers, by using the right hashtags, by analyzing your competitors and by getting an idea about the audiences of your competitors.

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