How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business


It is a common proverb that the worth of a photo is equal to one thousand words. In a similar way, we can say that the worth of a video is equal to millions of words. This is the basic concept behind the video marketing strategy.  

With the help of a video marketing strategy, it is easy for us to engage the customers with your products or services. Nowadays, the businessmen are using the video marketing strategy from building rapport of their customers to the promotion of their products and services. Video marketing is helpful for the businessmen in the following ways; 

1) Videos increase engagement

Visual content in the form of videos has become a key to engage the audience members. This engagement is usually shown on social media sites. One of the most famous social media sites Facebook is engaging 33% videos of different companies and organizations. It is estimated that videos can engage the audience members 10 times greater than other kinds of content like blog posts and photos etc. A company just need to create an engaging video and ask their social media team members to share this video on their personal profiles.

2) Provides value to your brand

As we have discussed earlier that a photo is equal to 1000 words and a short video is equal to millions of words. That’s why it is easy for us to enhance the branding of a company with the help of videos. With the help of video marketing, it is possible for companies to increase the awareness of their brands up to 52%. Its reason is that a video has millions of views and if you have created the best quality video, it means that it provides a chance to your to gain trust and emotional connection of millions of customers.

3) A better way to showcase your products

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you are not able to get the interaction of the customers by sharing photos and blog posts that show the qualities of your products. Under such situation, videos are helpful to you. Its reason is that videos provide a better opportunity for companies to showcase your products. If the customers have any doubt about the qualities of the products, these videos are the best way to change the mind of the customers and assure them that these videos are valuable for them.

4) Videos can provide visual explanations

The companies are using two types of content in order to promote their products and services. First is known as visual content and the second is known as written content. If we talk about the human brain, we come to know that the human brain gives preference to visual content than written content. A research study shows that 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is in the form of visual content. Another study shows that if we see an interesting video, we will be able to memorize its 80% content. On the other hand, if we read a blog post, we will be able to memorize its 20% content only.

5) Highlight the accomplishments of the company

To run a business, you will have to do a lot of hard work. As a result of this hard work, you will get lots of achievements in your business. The customers of a company should also have enough idea about the accomplishments and achievements of your company. The best way to provide an idea about the accomplishments and achievements of the company to the customers, you should share some videos that show the achievements and accomplishments of your company.

6) You can boost the sales by converting customers

One of the most important aspects of video marketing is that the videos are becoming a cause of converting more and more customers. According to the results of the famous research, it is possible for us to convert 71% of the customers with the help of video marketing. Another research study shows that after watching the video about a product, almost 85% of the customers buy the product.


Video marketing and content marketing are two famous digital marketing techniques to boost up the sales of a company but video marketing is considered as the most effective digital marketing technique. Video marketing is helpful for a company in the various ways like it can increase the engagement of the customers, it can provide values to the brands of a company, it provides a better platform to showcase your products and it can also become a cause of converting customers to boost up the sales of a company.

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