How To Viral a Video?


It the desire of almost all the video creators that their videos will go viral and they will get a maximum number of views and subscribers. It is also a fact that only a few videos go viral and most of the videos get normal views only. To go viral a video means that your video is shared on the social media for multiple times and it is reached to those people who don’t normally see the content of your channel. Viral videos also get some support from Youtube and other video sharing platforms. 

Some essential tips to make such video which goes viral are given below;

1) Keep it short and sweet

It is a fact that viral videos are interruptive and after watching these videos, the people try to share these videos with their friends and family members on social media sites. In order to make videos interruptive for the viewers, you should try to keep these videos short and sweet. You should try to convey your message just within 60 seconds in an interactive way. On the other hand, if you make longer videos, there are fewer chances of getting the attention of the viewers.

2) Focus on a single message

If you are interested to create a viral video or a viral blog post, it is necessary for you to create simple, clear and succinct content for it. The only way to create simple, clear and succinct content for a video or a blog post, it is necessary for you to focus on the single message rather than multiple messages. Anyhow, if you have multiple messages in your mind, you can make more than one videos and add them in the playlist. There is a possibility that all of these videos may go viral. Before creating such a video, you should clearly define the main idea of your video and focus on this idea throughout your video.

3) Provide value

On the famous video sharing platforms like Youtube, thousands of videos are uploaded on a daily basis and only a few videos go viral among these thousands of videos. In order to bring your video among these few videos, you will have to create such content that is valuable for the viewers. Its reason is that valuable content of a video becomes a cause of increasing the watch time, likes, shares and comments of a video. If a video gets lots of likes, shares, and comments in the first 24 hours, its probability to go viral will be increased.

4) Create a catchy and branded thumbnail

After uploading your video, the first thing that viewers will see about the video is your thumbnail. The thumbnail of your video should be such that it should capture the essence of the viewers and it should demand a click from the viewers. In order to create a catchy and branded thumbnail for your video, you should try to use pictures instead of text. Its reason is that there are some screens and formats on which this text seems blurry to the viewers.

5) The powerful headline and supporting copy

You should set such title for your video that can fulfil the needs of the video. A powerful headline will show the clarity and curiosity of a video. A powerful headline will also set the expectations of the viewers. A powerful headline will also become a cause of strong emotional reactions from the viewers. Along with catchy and branded thumbnail, if your video has a powerful headline, the chances of getting more and more viewers will also be increased.

6) Keep paying attention after you hit the publish

Most of the video creators think that after clicking on the ‘Publish’ button, their work is completed and their videos will go viral. It is a misconception because after publishing the video, you will have to pay attention to the stats and analytics of the video and try to increase the shares, likes and comments on the video. The best way to increase the shares and likes of your video is to share it on your social media accounts. After getting an idea about the analytics and stats of your video, you can also get an idea of how to viral videos in the future.


If your video is getting more views than usual, it means that your video goes viral. The video's creators use lots of tactics to go viral their videos like they try to keep their videos short and sweet, they try to create engaging content, they try to create catchy thumbnail, they try to create powerful headline and they try to pay attention to the stats and analytics of the video after publishing it.

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