Impacts On Youtubers Of The Latest Ban On “Instructional Hacking And Phishing” Videos By YouTube

YouTube has banned instructional hacking and phishing videos due to security reasons. This is a big change for all the YouTubers, because, most people were learning through this platform. Here, we will discuss the impacts on youtubers of the latest ban on “Instructional Hacking And Phishing” videos by YouTube.  This ban has positive as well as negative impacts on YouTube. First, we will discuss positive aspects of this ban, later, we will highlight negative impacts.

YouTube has banned instructional hacking and phishing videos due to security reasons.

One of the benefits of this ban is a secure future. After watching these videos on YouTube, every person can hack personal data of any person. Now, people will be secure from the latest videos which were a threat for all the merchants. 

The security issue will not rise after this action. Most apps are introduced in the latest features and the owner of the channels creates new hacking videos related to the new features. But now this will not happen, because, the negative aspect will not work for wrong persons.

After watching this video related to the hacking, the content of many sites was not safe. However, this ban is very beneficial and useful for them, because, now they will not hack their content. The security and personal data of the people will be secured after this ban.

Now the people will not able to publish harmful and dangerous content which can ruin the lives of many traders. This is a very positive aspect for all YouTube. 

The main purpose of this ban is the end of the cybercrime. These videos are made with a lack of clarity which is very harmful to many companies.  Now, people are unable to upload new videos and instructional content that is very harmful. Credentials and personal data are secured.  It is widely accepted that instructional hacking videos are a big source of cybercrime. 

Real Damage: The impact of this ban is the damage to the learning system.  

It is widely accepted and proved that most people are not using YouTube for negative purpose. Most people are using it as a platform and most people are publishing their content in order to learn people. By this ban, they are affected, because, they will not be able to learn new things.

Though the main concern of this ban was positive yet it has many negative impacts on youtubers, because, they were using YouTube for positive purpose and now they are unable to learn things easily. Most people are unable to afford a teacher, so, they were following many instructional channels. This banning step is very worse for them, because, their learning system is stopped. However, despite this ban, YouTube has allowed their followers to upload positive and safe videos which have not negative impact in the future.

 In nutshell, we can say that Impacts are positive and negative Of the Latest Ban On “Instructional Hacking and Phishing” on youtubers. 

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