Video Marketing Do's And Don'ts


Brands and businesses have recognized the importance of video marketing. The reasons are, people generally prefer watching a video over reading content about a product. That is the reason, video marketing is emerging and has proven to be more effective. 

The way of increasing the engagement of the audience by sharing videos on different video sharing platforms is known as video marketing. There are many reasons behind video marketing for a company or a firm like it can boost up the conversations and sales of a company, it can build the trust of the customers, it can explain your product or service from all the angles, it can also engage the laziest buyers too and it can also increase the social shares. Before doing video marketing for a company or a firm, you should clearly get an idea about the do’s and don’ts of video marketing.

Do’s of video marketing

Do’s of video marketing are those strategies that are necessary to follow while doing video marketing. Some essential do’s of video marketing are explained below;

Create the Best Quality Video

You should try to create the best quality videos. Its reason is that the best quality videos are helpful to you to reflect your brand and to engage the audience members. Therefore, you should try to hire a professional video creator. On the other hand, if you rely on low-quality videos, there is a risk of discouraging the target audience.

Select Your Platform and Audience Through Analytical Reports

Most of the businessman just upload videos on their personal websites. They should understand the demographics of their audience with the help of the analytical reports and try to share their videos on some famous video sharing platforms like Youtube.

Share Your Videos

After uploading your videos on some famous video sharing platforms, it is also an unavoidable thing to you to share the link of these videos on some famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

Come Up with Practical Solutions

It is a fact that the people are interested in those videos that are providing possible solutions to their problems rather than those videos that are describing the history of your company. Therefore, you should try to create such content that is interesting for the audience members.

Transparent and Authentic

As we know that a video is a way to communicate your message to the audience members. Therefore, you should be transparent and authentic while communicating your message to the audience members.

Create Videos on Demand

If a customer is sharing such video that is highlighting your product, you should also try to create a video to provide a response to him. This is the best way to engage the audience members on the same topic.

How-to Videos or Tutorials

There are some customers who don’t know how to use your products. With the help of videos, you should also clearly explain the process of using your products.

Promote Your Video 

In order to send your video at the top of the search engines, it is necessary for you to do SEO. If you are not able to do SEO of your videos, you can hire a professional SEO expert.

Don’ts of video marketing

Don’ts of video marketing are those things that should be avoided while doing video marketing. These things are explained below;

Don't Make Longer Videos

There are some video creators who try to make longer videos in order to increase the watch time of their channels. For the purpose of video marketing, it is not the best strategy. Its reason is that the engagement of the audience members drops after 30 seconds of watching a video. Therefore, you should try to convey your message as quickly as possible.

Don't Use Tough Unnecessary Terminologies 

The main aim of video marketing is to convey your message to a wide range of people. It is possible only if people will share your videos. Therefore, the language of your video should be simple and there no need to include some unnecessary terminologies in your video.

Don't Stick to one Vidoe Marketing Strategy

Along with video marketing, you should also do content marketing in order to introduce your products to a wide range of customers. After sharing some videos, you should assess these results and try to compare these results with the results of content marketing. After that, you will be able to get an idea of which strategy is best for you and you will get the right direction to spend your time and attention.

Avoid Unnecessary Details 

There is no need to provide a complete detail about the strategies of your company in a video because this thing will confuse the audience members. You just need to provide an overview of the main points of your business.

Avoid Praising Your Company

There are some businessmen who try to share the greatness of their companies rather than sharing such information that is interesting and intriguing for the audience members. As a result, they are not able to get a positive response from the customers because the customers are interested in the values of your company rather than the greatness of your company.

Viral is not Always Beneficial 

Most of the companies try to measure the success of their videos with the help of their views. That’s why they spend a huge amount of time, energies and money in order to viral their videos. This is not the best technique to measure the success of your videos because sometimes a video which has fewer views can provide you with more benefit than a video which has a huge amount of views.

Avoid Confusing Topics

There is no need to express such concepts in the videos that are confusing to you and for the audience members. Its reason is that the customers are interested in just straightforward videos only.

There is no need to rely on the post and pray strategy. 

After uploading a video, you should try to share its links on all the social media platforms and try to engage more and more people.


The process of creating and sharing your videos for the purpose of increasing the sale of your products is known as video marketing. Some essential do’s of video marketing are that you should use a professional vides creating service, you should share video on famous video sharing platforms, you should share the links of your videos on the social media sites and the content of the videos should be interesting and intriguing for the customers. Some don’ts of video marketing are that you should not make lengthy videos, you should not use jargons in your videos, you should not forget to assess the results of your videos and you should not explain confusing concepts in the videos. 


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