Best Free Online Education Platforms You Should Try

Free Online Education Platforms
If you are stuck at home for too long during this lockdown and seem to be at a point with no progress in learning, there is no need to worry. Internet brings some of the best free online educational platforms that make it easy for you to access classes from top universities and colleges and world-renowned institutes, and you can take up a course anywhere you wish at any time you like. Passing the time is tough, especially when there is the danger of COVD19, and you do not want to end up in a hospital by taking a risk. However, you must not stop the learning process as when things will open up, there will be tough competition, and you must be ready to face it all with everything ready to go.

Study by a dissertation help firm shows that with these online educational platforms, learning has become easy as well as interactive, and you can look forward to exploring new things and moving forward with the learning experience. The best thing about these education platforms is that they are free of cost, they do not ask for anymore, and you no longer have to worry about spending money. There are tools and applications available that make the process of learning easy and give you a chance to achieve your future goals without any stress. Listed here are the best free online learning platforms and tools that play a crucial role in continuous growth and learning and offer you a chance to do things flexibly.

It is, without any doubt, the best online learning platform and one of the most popular too. It has collaborated with more than 190 top companies and universities such as Google, IBM, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania, and offer thousands of courses and specializations to the interested students. The students can get these courses online and study them without ever leaving their homes or room. The best thing about learning at Coursera is that with regular courses, students can also earn professional certificates. If they can spare to spend a little money, they can also get a full university degree at a very reasonable cost.

It is as renowned and influential online learning platform as Coursera and offers some great features to facilitate learning. In collaboration with some highly popular schools, edX has more than 2,500 online courses that have been put up by MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Boston University that enable students to get top-rated education without going anywhere. There are standard courses as well as professional certificates, a MicroBacherlors program, a MicroMasters program, and their Global Freshman Academy. The students have a chance to study with the best teachers who understand their need for knowledge and will to do something great in the future.

Khan Academy:
Since its launch years ago, Khan Academy has managed to take its place as one of the most sought after online learning platforms on the internet. The best thing about this platform is that it can serve every type of learner; preschoolers to adult university students. With the help of free online classes, students can learn in their national languages such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese as well as English. This platform is currently translating its online resources into more than 30 other languages that will increase the scope of learning for students worldwide. These days, as everyone is learning online and studying from home, there are daily learning schedules and resources for school children to keep them busy and engaged in learning so that there is no break in the learning process.

Canvas is a MOOC platform that presents smaller local universities and community colleges teaching in its online courses. Some of these include the University of Colorado Boulder, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the Swinburne University of Technology. The main aim of this platform is to teach instructors and prepare them for the future and help the next generation of educators become more competent and capable teachers for students.

At this online learning platform, you have a chance to connect with universities and institutions all over the world, including Anglia Ruskin University, King’s College London, Monash University, and the University of Wollongong. This platform has also partnered with the best and renowned organizations like Accenture, Amnesty International, the British Library, and UNESCO to provide students a different as well as enlightening learning experience. These top learning platforms provide the best of guidance and opportunity to students who want to do something and quench their thirst for learning with the best knowledge.


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