What Instagram Posts Get The Most Engagement

Instagram has also become the second most engaged social network all around the world. It is an earning platform too if you are able to influence and engage more people. In this informative post, the writer discusses the Instagram Posts that Get The Most Engagement!

What Instagram Posts Get The Most Engagement

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites because nowadays, it has almost 1 billion active monthly users. This essential social media site allows its users to edit and share photos and videos. According to a report, Instagram has also become the second most engaged social network all around the world. According to statistics, the first network is Facebook which engages more than 60% internet users and second is Instagram which engages more than 37% of the internet users. The average time that the Instagram users spend is almost 53 minutes per day. Due to this kind of engagement on this social media platform, everyone wants to share such posts that can get the most engagement. The Instagram posts that get the most engagement are explained below;

Instagram Giveaways and Contests

According to the best marketers, one of the shortcut ways to create engagement on Instagram is to share the photos and videos of the giveaways and contests. Its reason is that these giveaways and contests are the best resources to call the attention of the customers. The Instagram users can easily manage the contests and giveaways with the help of an app known as Wishpond.

Thought Leadership

If you are a photographer or a designer, it is easy for you to grab the attention of your followers by sharing the videos and photos of your skills and expertise. On the other hand, if you are a businessman, you can inspire your customers by sharing the graphics about the success of your products or services. The most important tip is that in order to engage the followers, you should try to post at least one photo or video on a daily basis.

User-Generated Content

There is a possibility that after using the products or services of your company, the users will share some interesting photos and videos about your products or services. You should try to share these photos and videos with your followers. This content should be shared after getting permission from the original user. According to research, with the help of user-generated content, almost 73% interested people are convinced to buy specific products or services of your company.

Holidays and Events

It is a fact that most of your followers are relevant to your industry. Therefore, when you share the memories of your holidays, they will show engagement in your posts. You can share the posts of Christmas holidays, Halloween holidays and business holidays. The most important tip is that you should spend holidays in a unique way and try to capture these happy moments because the people show more engagement in unique content. On the other hand, if you have shared some awkward and old-fashioned photos of the holidays, these posts will not be engaging for the people.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags also play a vital role in the engagement of your photos and videos with a wide range of people. If you are running an account of a popular brand, you can use the hashtag of this brand. On the other hand, if you are running your personal account, you can generate your own hashtags and these hashtags will become your reorganization on Instagram.


Memes are also some engaging posts for the audience members. The best way to get the engagement of the people on Instagram posts is to post animated GIPHY memes. Its reason is that these memes can provide the perfect solutions to the problems of the customers with the help of a single click. These memes are also eye-catching for the audience members.

DIY Ideas

DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself’. Sometimes, there is a possibility that your followers are facing some difficulties to solve a particular problem. Under such situation, if you share DIY of this problem, this post will be interesting and intriguing for them. As a result, they will show lots of engagement in your post. By sharing this post with their friends, it is also a possibility that the followers of your Instagram account will also be increased.


Instagram is a very popular social media platform for internet users. That’s why it has almost 1 billion active users on a monthly basis. Instagram users spend almost 53 minutes per day. Almost all the Instagram users want to increase the engagement in their posts. They can easily increase the engagement in their posts by sharing giveaways and contests, by sharing their experiences, by sharing happy moments of life like holidays, by sharing memes and some DIY ideas. 

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